Treatments and Costs

Consultation £45

Before we can build a successful treatment plan it is important to spend some time together on a call and go through your needs, understand your background and any other treatments you are progressing with. Get a clear picture of your mental, physical and spiritual situation and understand what treatments will give you the best success for what you are looking for support with. This type of session is designed to be informal and an easy starter session for some, it allows us to get to know each other and understand how we can work together to achieve your goals.

This dialogue holds the key to comprehending the intricate mosaic of your mental, physical, and spiritual landscape. By acquainting ourselves with these facets, we embark on a quest to determine the most optimal treatments for your path to success. It’s akin to piecing together a puzzle—each element meticulously considered to craft a comprehensive plan that aligns with your unique ambitions.

Remote Shamanic Energy Healing Treatment

£145 : allow 2hrs

The one to one sessions are a little more formal and structured. once we know your treatment plan we can organise an online treatment. The shamanic practice of remote healing is done by replacing the clients physical body with a natural ‘proxy’ body (usually a small stick) that can be used to call in the spirit body of the client for the duration of the treatment. These sessions are carried out over video or phone calls. We start with a quick review of your current life situation, build out the treatment objectives and review any goals. Whether that is reducing negative patterns or improving your life goals. The treatment can take anywhere between 1 and 2 hours depending on what is being worked on. Finally there will be time to talk through findings and any other topics in need of discussion.

1-2-1: Coaching & Integration Session

£85 : allow 1 hours

These are informal, often unscheduled sessions when you need them. If you have recently had a traumatic psychedelic experience a large change in your physical or spiritual development and need support and guidance to be able to integrate these changes then we can have a call to go through this and build a plan together that will focus on the positive changes and how they can be integrated into your current world view. Using a variety of transpersonal counselling, life coaching and spiritual guidance principles, we can look together at what is happening and how you maybe able to work with any new information in a positive and compassionate way. While compassion is an underlaying mode of operation for coaching I also work in a practical way to create plans that are achievable and simple for my clients to put the leanings into loving practice in their lives.

Planned Coaching Course £55/hr

Following on from a One-2-One session, if there is more to be done and you need a more structured support plan, then we can create a programme that keeps you on track with regular video calls. These are structured around you and your schedule and are uniquely tailored depending on your needs and goals. The coaching programme is designed to help you develop and grow in the direction that you want and at the pace that you want. I’m there to help you understand what that is and to help keep you on track with your life goals & spiritual development.

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