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Hello, I’m James, a licensed Energy worker, Reiki healer & Shamanic practitioner practicing in Bournemouth, Dorset. I am very lucky to have trained with a variety of teachers, shamans and energy healers over the years all using many different techniques and methods. While the practice of energy healing can seem a little ‘out-there’ for some people, I try and keep myself as down to earth and practical as possible, while continually upholding the traditions of our ancestors.

– James Mallorie

What is an energy healing session?

The sessions are simple and depending on the situation, will use one or more of these learned techniques. Working through the chakra’s and cleaning the energy field. We can all pick up energy blockages throughout life from any number of situations and circumstances. Some might be quite easy to recognise, such as stress from work or a painful end to a relationship for example, and others can be more difficult, perhaps childhood issues that are long past but still affecting your life. Energy healing as a complimentary therapy, can help remove these blockages of old patterns in your energy system, and life, and allow new energy to flow into your present situation.

A session or treatment can consist of a variety of techniques depending on the person and the situation. I liken it to a having a toolbox, one that I am always adding to, so that I can draw upon the right tool, intuitively in the moment for the right healing.

With this, each and every session is different but they have some similar structures for sure. So how to explain what happens in a session, maybe it would be easier to explain whats in my tool box. 

reiki healer bournemouth

Reiki Healing 

I have trained in the USUI SHIKI RYOHO lineage since 2008 to perform reiki energy healing treatments. This is the most popular modality in peoples minds today, which began when Dr Mikao Usui re-discovered Reiki during a spiritual pilgrimage, and taught it to others. It passed to the West, where it has been embraced, as well as built upon by many healers. I am now offering Reiki Energy healing in Bournemouth. While laying or sitting comfortably, this is a ‘hands off’ treatment, working specifically on the first one or two layers of the body’s energy system. 


Infusion & Grounding

This is the basic energy healing modality, comes straight from school of Barbara Brennan. This is a ‘hands on’ healing technique, working generally from the feet and up the body along the energy system and working on the energy pools chakras and meridians to unblock and cleanse. 

chakra cleaning

Chakra Cleaning 

Usually in conjunction with the infusion and grounding work, this is working specifically on the main 7 Chakras of the energy system. This is hands on healing that focusses energy on cleaning, strengthening and aligning the major Chakras. 

relationship cord cutting healing

Relationship and emotions

Relationships and emotions are great aren’t they? Well, yes, when they are moving and flowing freely, when we have blockages here we can start to see things like sticky relationship thoughts or longings, sadness and bitterness. In this work we look to remove old relationship chords and clean existing ones. removing and cleaning stuck emotional patterns as we go to give you a fresh start on your future relationships.

Soul retrieval

Soul retrieval and regression

This technique can be delivered either sitting or standing and can be done separately or in conjunction with other healing modalities. If the treatment calls for it, we can work to retrieve soul pieces and integrate them back into your energy system to bring wholesome reunion. We can also work on previous lifelines and ancestral lines to journey together and find the root courses of trauma or behaviour to bring them in for loving attention and healing.

shamanic healer

Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing comprises of many different healing techniques and tools. predominantly using the drum, rattle, chacapa (sacred leaf bundle), Icaros (song prayer) and chanting. While laying down in a relaxed state, we can use the shamanic healing technique to journey and identify areas for healing and work with spirit guides to bring resolution or information needed. 

sound healing bournemouth

Sound Healing 

As part of most treatments, sounds are used to bring the right vibration needed at the time of healing. These an be from musical instruments, song, payer, chanting, or more often simple tones to encourage energy flow and remove blockages. 

Available Treatments & Costs

Tea Time £35

It doesn’t always have to be a big deal, session after session, working on some issue. Sure sometimes that is needed, but sometimes you can get clarity on a situation or a little nudge in the right direction over a leisurely cup of tea. This type of session is very informal and an easy starter session for some, and sometimes this is all that’s needed.

One-2-One £85

The one to one sessions are a little more formal and structures. We will go through your current life situation, build out your case and do the ground work for your goals. Whether that is reducing negative patterns or improving and stretching your life goals. We can take a fully open and holistic view of your current and projected life situation and work together on a plan in order for you to achieve your most creative and desirable dreams.

Planned Coaching Course £55/hr

Following on from the One-2-One we can design you a programme that keeps you on track with regular meetings face to face, or over video calls. These are structured around you and are uniquely tailored depending on your needs. The coaching programme is designed to help you develop and grow in the direction that you want and at the pace that you want. I’m there to help you understand what that is and to help keep you on track with your life goals.

More Information & booking

For more information about the services I offer please fill in the contact form and I will get back to you with any questions you have, alternatively you can call and I will get back to you.

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