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Hello, I’m James, a licensed Energy worker, Reiki healer and Shamanic practitioner practicing in Bournemouth, Dorset. I have trained with a many teachers, shamans and energy healers over the years, learning many different techniques and methods. While this practice can seem ‘quirky’ to some, I tune myself and my practice into practical, ways to support my clients, while upholding indigenous traditions.

Energy healer Bournemouth


I am dedicated to promoting healing and balance, both within individual clients and within my broader community & environment. I work to restore harmony in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life for my clients.


I believe in my clients’ inherent potential and capacity for growth and transformation. I aim to empower individuals by helping them recognise their strengths, overcome obstacles, and take proactive steps toward their goals.

Spiritual Guidance

Along with Psychedelic integration, this guidance helps ensure safety, understanding, and positive integration of insights my clients have gained during a spiritual or psychedelic experience helping with emotional and practical integration to their everyday lives.

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What is a Shamanic Practitioner?

Shamanic practitioners draw upon the beliefs, techniques, and traditions of shamanism, which is a spiritual and healing practice found in various indigenous cultures around the world. These practitioners are often referred to as shamans, although the term itself can vary based on cultural and regional differences. I personally do not like to be referred to as the a ‘Shaman’ as it does not align to my born culture and ancestry on this land, so while my training is from a different culture and belief system to my own I have brought those teachings in, and made adjustments to make the practice more relevant to the healing needs of this generation and this culture. I personally prefer the term shamanic practitioner or modern shamanic practitioner.

If you’re interested in shamanic practices or working with a shamanic practitioner, it’s important to approach the subject with cultural sensitivity and respect, as these practices are deeply rooted in specific cultural contexts. Finding a qualified and reputable practitioner who is knowledgeable about the traditions they draw from is essential. My teachers, colleagues and myself, are continually working with the indigenous tribes such as the Yawanawá, the Huni-Kwin and the Shipibo-Conibo people to make sure we are always honouring the traditions of the elders while developing our own healing traditions.

What is an energy healing session?

The sessions are simple and depending on the situation, will use one or more of the techniques listed below, working through the chakra’s and clearing and balancing the energy field. We can all pick up energy blockages throughout life from any number of situations and circumstances. Some might be quite easy to recognise, such as stress from work or a painful end to a relationship for example, and others can be more difficult, perhaps childhood issues that are long past but still affecting your life. Energy healing as a complimentary therapy, can help remove these blockages of old patterns in your energy system, and life, and allow new energy to flow into your present situation.

A shamanic energy healing session can consist of a variety of techniques depending on the person and the situation. I liken it to a having a toolbox, one that I am always adding to, so that I can draw upon the right tool, intuitively in the moment for the right healing treatment.

You can imagine that each and every session is different then, but they do all have some similar structures for sure. So how to explain what happens in a session, maybe it would be easier to explain whats in my tool box. 

What healing techniques are available in a session


Reiki Healing 

Since 2008, I have undergone comprehensive training in the USUI SHIKI RYOHO lineage, honing my abilities to administer Reiki energy healing sessions. Rooted in the rich tradition of Dr. Mikao Usui’s spiritual journey, Reiki has achieved prominence as the preeminent modality for healing. His rediscovery of Reiki during a profound pilgrimage marked the inception, with his teachings enlightening others. This profound practice has found its way to the West, where it has been embraced and expanded upon by a multitude of dedicated healers.

Today, I am pleased to extend the benefits of Reiki Energy healing within the heart of Bournemouth. Through this treatment, individuals can luxuriate in a serene laying or sitting position, as the healing energy is applied without physical touch. This technique is designed to target the initial one or two layers of the body’s energy system, fostering a sense of equilibrium and well-being.

grounding healing

Infusion and Grounding

Infusion & Grounding represents a fundamental energy healing modality that originates directly from the teachings of Barbara Brennan’s school. Rooted in her profound insights, this technique involves hands-on healing, beginning at the feet and ascending along the body’s energy system. It focuses on the vital energy pools—chakras and meridians—clearing blockages and purifying the energetic pathways, fostering balance and rejuvenation.

Infusion & Grounding, in its essence, is not just a healing modality; it is a sacred journey that reconnects individuals with their innate vitality and alignment with the greater energetic currents of the universe. It is a testament to the intricate dance of energy that underlies all life and the power of skilled practitioners to facilitate its harmonious flow.

chakra healing & balancing

Chakra cleansing and balancing

Chakra Cleansing, often performed alongside the infusion and grounding process, is a targeted practice centred on the primary seven Chakras within the energy system. Through hands-on healing, this technique is dedicated to the meticulous purification, fortification, and alignment of these crucial energy centres.

Chakra Cleansing is a profound and intentional practice, recognised for its capacity to promote physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual enlightenment. By attending to these primary energy centres, practitioners of Chakra Cleansing facilitate a holistic sense of renewal and alignment, allowing individuals to tap into their full potential and experience life in its most vibrant and harmonious form.

relationship strings

Relationship cords and emotions

Navigating the intricate realm of relationships and emotions unveils a captivating journey, doesn’t it? Indeed, it’s a voyage of profound significance, marked by the fluid dance of connection. Yet, within this intricate tapestry, we occasionally encounter obstacles that impede the harmonious flow. These barriers manifest as persistent ruminations about relationships, pangs of unfulfilled yearnings, and the shadows of sorrow and resentment.

Engaging in this transformative journey, we embark on the noble quest to liberate your emotional currents. Our aim is to dissolve the bonds of old relationship chords and to meticulously cleanse the existing connections. As we traverse this intricate landscape, we untangle the knotted threads of stagnant emotional patterns, granting you the invaluable gift of a rejuvenated beginning—a blank canvas upon which the tapestry of your future relationships may be woven. It’s the art of freeing yourself from the shackles of the past, and in doing so, forging a path toward relationships and emotions that flow, shimmering with vitality and authenticity.

shaman healer

Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing, uses a diverse set of techniques and sacred instruments, it beckons us into a realm of transformation. Guided by the rhythmic heartbeat of the drum, the melodic cadence of the rattle, the sacred embrace of the chacapa leaf bundle, the soul-stirring Icaro song-prayers, and the resonant power of chanting, we embark on a journey of profound healing.

As you recline in a state of serene relaxation, the shamanic healing technique unfurls its magic. Our journey commences, and within the ethereal realms, we unveil the map of your being. With the guidance of benevolent spirit allies, we traverse the landscape of your soul, identifying pockets where healing is sought. Together, we engage in a dance with these energies, invoking the wisdom of spirit guides to untangle knots, bring resolution, and offer the revelations required for your growth and well-being.

Shamanic healing is an invitation to transcend the ordinary and enter the sacred terrain of the soul, where the harmonious rhythm of ancient practices melds seamlessly with the whispers of spirit, guiding you toward restoration and alignment.

sound healing

Sound Healing 

Incorporating the transformative art of Sound Healing into our sessions, we tap into a remarkable method that harnesses the profound impact of sound vibrations. Imagine sound as a magical key that unlocks doors to healing and harmony. In our sessions, we wield this key to bring forth the perfect vibrations tailored to your specific needs.

As we embark on this sonic journey, various tools come into play. Musical instruments, such as drums, singing bowls, and rattles, infuse the atmosphere with enchanting tones. Songs and prayers, carefully curated for their resonant qualities, join the symphony of healing. Chants, carried on the wings of intention, weave a soothing tapestry of sound. Even the pure simplicity of singular tones holds a significant role, gently coaxing energy to flow freely and dissolving any hindrances that might impede your well-being.

Consider Sound Healing as a finely tuned orchestra of frequencies, each note designed to harmonise the chords of your being. It’s akin to crafting a symphony that resonates with your unique essence, inviting you to attune to the rhythm of healing and release. Through the art of sound, we create an environment where your energy finds its natural flow, and the barriers that once stood in the way of your vitality are gently swept aside.

chakra healing & balancing

Soul regression and retrieval

This technique can be delivered either sitting or standing and can be done separately or in conjunction with other healing modalities. If the treatment calls for it, we can work to retrieve soul pieces and integrate them back into your energy system to bring wholesome reunion. We can also work on previous lifelines and ancestral lines to journey together and find the root courses of trauma or behaviour to bring them in for loving attention and healing.